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Top Facts About the Singapore Real Estate Market

Real estate is an odd business that is filled with risks and returns that may not affect everyone. The market is not an easy...

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Leedon Green New launch

Leedon Green by Yanlord and MCL Overview 

  Leedon Green or the former Tulip Gardens is one of the highly admirable projects which has established in 2019 in the city of Singapore. This project is Singapore’s 2nd largest deal which has done to develop the infrastructure and residential market. Over the last couple of years, the Farrer and Holland vicinity has created some of the greatest condominiums. Leedon Green residence is one of them. Leedon Green is located in the area of District 10 at Farrer Road, Singapore. Its location has been chosen very distinctly in Singapore. The estate is surrounded by some of the best residential estates that are Good Class Bungalows, Cornwall Gardens, and Ford Avenue. This estate is well connected by bus and car routes with every part of the city. Leedon Green residence is one of the largest and most expensive estates of the city which comprises 18 stories with 670 attractive residential apartments. It offers a unit of 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms for the owners who wish to have a feeling of a real home.

Huge land size and gross floor area

The land size area of this residence is around 29,423 square meter and it offers each plot with a ratio of 2.8. To get at this estate, there is direct access to Orchard Road and Holland Village from where a short walking would be enough to reach here. Leedon Green is surrounded by many shopping malls, education hubs, hospitals, airports, restaurants, bars, etc. The residence sits in that area of the city from where everything is accessible in 20-30 mins of walk and drive. The residence provides an advanced facility to its owners. It provides playgrounds for those who are interested in fitness or sports. It also provides gym facilities, a large parking area, a swimming pool, and the cleanest infrastructure. The nearby areas of the estate have a large public space for cycling, jogging, walking, etc. The condo has also surrounded by major expressways that connect the city with so many different routes. Some of the major expressways nearby the condo:-
  • PIE- It takes 5 mins by bus or car to reach.
  • AYE- It takes 12 mins by bus or car to reach.
  • KPE- It takes 10 mins
  • CTE- It takes 7 mins
  • MCE- It takes 12 mins
Leedon-green-developer-image If you are a fitness lover, you should reach Leedon Green Condo by walking because it takes only 10 mins from Farrer Toad MRT station according to the google map.   Leedon Green Developer The project of Leedon Green has been constructed by two greatest developers of the world.
  1. Yanlord Land Group
  2. MCL Land

Top Facts About the Singapore Real Estate Market

Real estate is an odd business that is filled with risks and returns that may not affect everyone. The market is not an easy one to climb because all your moves need to be accurate if you wish to make the most out of everything. Calculated risks and the right knowledge about the market is the only way through which you can advance further in the industry. The Singapore real estate market is no different, and the right moves will take you to the right places. Apart from that, there are specific facts about the entire market which is unique to the whole place. So, here are all the top facts about the Singapore real estate market.

1. The Concept

Certain plans involved in the market is reviewed every now and then based on the criteria of necessity. This particular plan is called the development plan, which includes land and transportation guidelines. These plans are strategically made to provide for the overall development of the city. So, in the end, the benefit will be tasted by everyone who is a part of the city.

2. The Main Concept

The development plan is not the only thing that is being reviewed every five years. They do have a master plan that guides Singapore’s development in the medium term. As the process takes place once in five years, the year 2019 seems to be the next big thing.

3. The Act

The market once had a rent control act that mainly dealt with housing shortages and put forward a bunch of restrictions. But the year 1969 changed things, as the Act was revoked and homeowners went ahead to redevelop their premises. Things took a whole new turn with that move, and people were thrilled with the new set of advantages they were facing.

4. The Growth

Not many individuals are aware of this phenomenon, and the growth of the land changed things. Thanks to the advanced growth of the economy and the diverse range of population, the land area grew up to 23% to accommodate the people living in the year 1965.

5. The Master Plan

Singapore moved forward with a set of policies that first developed in the year 1947 and changed the future of the market. These policies paved the way for terms and conditions that made Singapore one of the most popular cities to live in by the year 2010.

6. Parks and the Environment

We are all aware of the environment and the way things are shaping our future. As we start to experience the effects of climate change, Singapore has taken a positive step into the future. By the year 2030, 85% of households are going to be living with 400 metres of parks close by.

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