Play mayor and decide how your street, school, cafe, mall, park and even the mountains should look like with our K-City collection.


Take a fun and educational trip back in time to learn more about past events that have played important roles in shaping the world we know today.


Anything can happen in our magical fantasy world. Battle pirates over rare treasures, venture into an enchanted forest, wrestle with an alien and more!


Improve your geographical knowledge by correctly identifying the different countries and continents that make up our world! Turn this series of 9 individually sold titles into a fun-filled educational game by challenging your friends to see who’s got the most accurate answers. When you’re done collecting all 9 titles, frame them up and show them off – your very own one-of-a-kind KALKITOS world atlas!


Ever wished you could just take off and explore another country, ocean or even the universe in a heartbeat? Do it the fun and easy way with our K-Travel titles! They’re designed to give you a quick and interesting introduction to the fascinating places and sights you’ve always wanted to see or learn more about!


Enjoy a perfect day out wherever your imagination takes you to. On the beach, tucking into a barbeque, spinning in the thrills on a motocross circuit or even running your own beauty spa!